Leading in Health is a specialist consultancy with a focus on the health and human service sectors. We deliver practical and considered solutions that enables organisations to grow and prosper. Our experienced team have skills across a wide range of projects that enables us to understand the complex environment in which you operate.

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Why Work With Us

We believe in the capacity and potential of every leader. We inspire leaders to connect and lead from a place of integrity and authenticity. Our goal is to guide leaders to build deeper relationships founded on trust and respect. We enable leaders to unlock the leadership potential in themselves and in others.  Our ultimate goal is to enhance profitability and operational excellence through true engagement.

Building Leaders from Inside-out

We know the major areas where leaders struggle, and the key skills required to overcome them. We bring a model which builds leaders in an organic, grounded, ‘inside-out’ way around their core values, beliefs and healthy self-esteem.

Sustainable Change

We bring a unique way of leading that re-connects the individual with their innate wisdom, by communicating through open questions and providing a powerful space for exploration and self-discovery.

Purposefully Tailored Solutions

We bring purposefully designed solutions which employs an innovative, blended learning methodology based around self-analysis, peer knowledge-sharing, experiential exercises, practical workplace application and reflection.


As an experienced Chief Executive and accomplished Board Director and Chair, Chris Scott brings over 30 years’ experience working both within organisations and now as an external consultant. He has a wealth of knowledge and skill to building brilliant boards, driving business improvement and fostering dynamic leadership.

His experience extends from the complexities of the not-for-profit health sector to the challenges of private industry. He has been instrumental in governing industrial associations, information communication and telecommunications businesses, and developing existing, new and emerging leaders through executive coaching and mentoring.

Chris’ strengths lie in implementing strategies that drive results for businesses. As an expert facilitator in governance and operational management, Chris believes every person, every organisation has something to contribute, and it is his goal to help them both recognize and maximize their potential.

Leading in Health is an accessible way to gain independent, confidential and proven advice on a range of business improvement essentials; from the boardroom to the ‘shop floor’.



Cindy Turner is an inspirational and results-oriented Master Coach specialising in Executive Coaching and Team Development. She is passionate about enabling leaders and teams to sharpen their ‘people literacy’ skills so they can lead and engage with others in a more authentic and impactful way.

She is a values-driven leader who believes that leadership success is determined by a leader’s capacity to grow others’ capability to lead.
She brings more than 20 years of experience in the art of Human and Organizational Effectiveness through coaching, consulting, training, and leadership development.

Cindy has run a successful coaching practice (Coach Central) for the past 10 years where she has worked with 1000s of leaders in both a group and individual setting. Previously, she has held a variety of Human Resource Management and Organisational Development Management roles. These have spanned the corporate, non-profit, and government sectors.

Chris has a solid commitment to the development of emerging and existing leaders and has the caring and compassionate nature to develop people in a positive way. He has been steadfast in his desire to promote, empower and motivate leaders to be successful.

– Jodie W. Melbourne

Chris Scott has deep insight into strategic planning, leadership & governance, which has been both supportive and a positive influence on my career. He is a knowledgeable soundboard and provides the necessary accountability and confidence boosts where needed.

– Mike M. Brisbane

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